Slide dynamic control atmosphere cold air storages 7/24 CONTROL All controlled by a dynamically controlled cold storage 7/24 agitated qualified personnel. 100% SEALED DOORS 100% under private seal doors and trust your products in our storage SPECIAL SENSORS Measuring the response to oxygen-free environment of products with hundreds of sensors, necessary adjustments are made automatically. AUTOMATIC AIR CONDITIONING Automatic air-conditioning and temperature control units are fitted as standard in all storage.

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7/24 Fresh Fruit Every Day of the Year .. Enjoy!

The Latest Technology

The Highest Technology Available in the Cold Storage

Atmosphere Technology

Our Cold Storage are Checked Controlled Dynamic Atmosphere

Sensor Control

All Products are Under Surveillance with Hundreds of Sensors


Our Cold Storage lid Ensures 100% Sealing.

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Dynamic Control Atmospheric Storage What is it?

The working principle of the control atmosphere system in our storages is as follows. The doors which have a special manufacture and 0% tightness feature are closed and locked with the special devices after the fruits are stored within the storage. Air within the storage is cleaned out with the modern devices and almost 0, 5-1% oxygen remains within the storages. The gases taken from air are separated with the electronic devices and nitrogen gas which is obtained by separating from air is given inside without any chemical and additional agent.

Ethylene gas released from the fruit is an odor aroused from deterioration. Cleaning out oxygen from inside the storage and giving nitrogen gas stops ethylene gas emission. Because of the fact that specific weight of nitrogen gas is much more than ethylene gas, nitrogen gas covers the fruit, gas does not move, the fruit falls fast asleep before dying. This method is the fainting system used in the operations and we make use of this method within our storages.

Therefore, vitality of fruit seeds determinately continues, the fruit preserves its color, aroma and freshness like the first day. In normal storages, although the fruits remain for 5-6 months, these products can be preserved up to 10 months within our storages.  

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