To present the fresh, healthy and quality products like the fruits in their branch. To transport our products by packaging them according to their type, color and length within the scope of EU Standards to the consumers. To be a brand preferred and demanded in domestic and foreign markets. To preserve any kind of fruit and vegetable from our producers under control of leading expert teams in our storages with the latest technological equipments. Finally, our mission is to enrich the current market conditions with sound, high quality and diverse packaging techniques that are innovative as well as modern.  



To increase the our available 6.000 ton capacity to 14.000 ton in order to preserve the products of our fruit producers long period of time in our country and region under favorable conditions and within our modern storages. To avail our customers of our storages which have control atmosphere and dynamic control atmosphere established with the latest technology.  To transport the products with quality and healthy packages by classifying the products under color, dimension, basis weight to the consumers in order to provide standardization within the scope of the EU standards. To be a model for our people by raising different products as the quality and variety in our fruit gardens, to share our experience, to support our producers to be invested in this area, to play a locomotive role. To use alternative production methods, to contribute to the national economy by using effectively our idle lands.