This structure started with approximate 20.000 fruit saplings planting on 85 land measure in Ovasaray village in 2008. As of 2016 this area reached to 170.000 square meters. Our target is 2.000.000 square meters.  Our available garden which has full shortie, trellising system, drip irrigation, covered with netting is the biggest and the most modern garden in our city.

There are different types of apple, especially fuji, granysmith, pinklady, and redchief. These kinds of fruit types are demanded, preferred and has no difficulty with marketing. On the other hand, extremity success on pear, plum, nectarine, quince and table grapes have been obtained besides apple in the test garden established in order to see the proper assorted fruits for our region.

It is very important that the product from its branch at fruit harvest goes into the cold storage in terms of long term preservation. Therefore, classic 400 tones cold air storage has been built in the garden. In this way, owing to the fact that the product, harvested in September -October, is taken into the storage within the same day, and can be gorgeously preserved until May-June.

The area of our apple garden is inclined.  350 tones water with deep well supply pipe from 1.500 meters is brought into the pool and reposed, and then it is used for watering. Drippage system is used for fertilizing and watering.

Previously anything, except that barley and wheat, has not been produced within 85.000 square meters garden area. When wheat has been planted in this garden bed, 25 tones of product in total have been obtained. In fact, when full production starts, apple amount to be taken will be almost 500 tones. By comparison with wheat and apple sales in terms of daily market prices, as an advantage, there will be a great difference between them. Therefore, fruit growing will have a high income and an alternative production for the future in our city. Our company, is taking into account the experience and backgrounds, started production and when a proper place is provided, it aims to produce fruit almost 10.000 tones within the area on 2.000.000 square meters.