The building of first Phase Cold Air Facility has been started with 3.000 tones capacity in 2014 and this capacity has been increased to 6.000 tones in 2016 in Çorum Organized Industrial Site. Also, since 2010, there is a cold air storage which has 400 tones capacity, established and in service. The latest technological opportunities have been used in the building of our storages. 3.000 tones of them are control atmosphere and another 3.000 tones are dynamic control atmosphere. Before the products go into our storages, they are sterilized in our special pools against the diseases from the gardens. The transfer of bacteria from the produce to the consumer is prevented.

95% of cold air storages around Turkey are classic storages, the remaining 5% of them are control atmosphere. In Europe, 95% of them are control atmosphere, 5% of them are classic storage. A part of our storages are control atmosphere, the other part of them are dynamic control atmosphere. Dynamic control atmosphere storages have the latest technology and their numbers are limited. As of now in Turkey, the cold air storage which has ONE dynamic control atmosphere and is active, belongs to us except for the ones owned by the research institutions.

The working principle of the control atmosphere system in our storages is as follows. The doors which have a special manufacture and 0% tightness feature are closed and locked with the special devices after the fruits are stored within the storage. Air within the storage is cleaned out with the modern devices and almost 0, 5-1% oxygen remains within the storages. The gases taken from air are separated with the electronic devices and nitrogen gas which is obtained by separating from air is given inside without any chemical and additional agent. Ethylene gas released from the fruit is an odor aroused from deterioration. Cleaning out oxygen from inside the storage and giving nitrogen gas stops ethylene gas emission. Because of the fact that specific weight of nitrogen gas is much more than ethylene gas, nitrogen gas covers the fruit, gas does not move, the fruit falls fast asleep before dying. This method is the fainting system used in the operations and we make use of this method within our storages. Therefore, vitality of fruit seeds determinately continues, the fruit preserves its color, aroma and freshness like the first day. In normal storages, although the fruits remain for 5-6 months, these products can be preserved up to 10 months within our storages.

The storages which have dynamic control atmosphere are the latest technology system arrived at in this area in the world. The biggest difference of this system than the control atmosphere storages is that the reaction of the fruit grounds on anaerobic environment through the sensor within the storage. While the oxygen of storage inside is cleaned out by electronic devices, the rate of carbon dioxide is increased. When oxygen reaches an almost average of 0, 5, the fruit gets stressed and starts to give a reaction. The vibrations are evaluated like heart graphics in electronic medium and less anaerobic environment in which the fruit can stay fresh without dying is determined. This medium is always under control with the electronic devices. When the fruit needs the machines give oxygen inside the storage or they decrease the amount of oxygen if it is not necessary.  This way, the fruit can be preserved for 12 months with its first day freshness without making use of applications such as Smartfresh, and Sancyfresh.  This is the latest technology arrived at in cold air storage in the world. This technology comes with us to Çorum and is taken into all of our producers and traders’ service.

There are automatic moisturizing and heat arrangement units in our storages. All kinds of arrangements are provided with the electronic devices. Our storages have traceable features. The instant watch of heat, moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen rates in storages can be possible for 24 hours by the computer, distance internet, cell phone. In addition, storage medium in the period from the date the product goes into the storage to the time the product is sold, can be taken in written report for each 10 minutes intervals, if required, all data can be given all customers.

According to future developments in the field of fruit storage, we will always follow the most modern facilities of the world and modernize our available facilities according to this. We will do more what the capacity of cold air storage needs about fruits and vegetables in Çorum and bring the cooling facilities of our region which have the maximum capacity to our city. We will studiously preserve the fruits and vegetables our public grows except the fruits we produce from our garden. We will assume a locomotive role especially in the field of fruit growing in order that Çorum is an open market in the future.