There are two different classification and packaging units in our facility. All kinds of products brought can be classified according to color way and basis weight in one of the machines, and according to color and dimension in the others. Thus, there is same color and same gram product in each package and case. Arbitrary treatment of the people who are working at packaging is removed. In the electronic and computer medium, each product can be classified as 10 different color and size, provided standardization brings visuality into the product and this situation increases the export opportunity. The quality and visuality are taken into account related to our packaging system according to the European Union standards. The differences between the fruits on the packages and the fruits under the packages are avoided.

These units are taken into the traders’ service in the sector of fruit growing. If the fruits from the gardens are brought into our facilities, the fruits which have same color and same size can be returned to their owner with different case and packaging by separating them at intended dimensions. Thus, due to the fact that there are fruits having same color and size within the same cases, marketing value and attraction of the fruits become increased. Everybody will have to use these standards more recently.



Our company will produce the fruit crisp and fruit butter having 5.000 tones capacity yearly in order to evaluate the products not classified along with storage workings. Therefore, our people will meet natural fruit crisp and dried fruit, the products which have low market value will be presented as crisp or dried fruit to our public admiration at market conditions.