We aim to provide service for our customers, by using the latest products of technology. Getting the quality products within the sector of fruit growing is extremely important as well as preserving them within the proper storehouse conditions. It is made expense and, not least, endeavored for each fruit plucked from its branch. It is necessary to preserve the products at best conditions, until high time, according to supply and demand equilibrium of the market in order to respect for labor and convert the expenses into the profit. The period during which fruit was stored traditionally and according to classical methods has come to an end. The quality fruits have been started to be produced in the gardens established by modern methods in our country. However, the fruits procured with a great effort and high expenses cannot be preserved within the cold air containers which have modern methods and technology-equipped machine equipments. Therefore, we take honor and pride in presenting our cold air storages which the latest technology and systems are used for our customers. We thank in advance our customers who prefer to work with us on this area.

 There are three kinds of cold air storages; normal, control atmosphere system and dynamic control atmosphere. Our moisturizing and cooling systems are made with automatic machines for all storages including our normal storages. Evaporation method is used for moisturizing. The panels of our rooms have non-combustible and air tight features. Our automatic moisturizing and cooling machines are integrated into central automation track and trace system. Thus, our customers can track the products via telephone message or internet for 24 hours. As of season-end, heat and moisture values within time taken from the product storage entrance to the product storage exit can be given you as a daily graphic report. We would like you to know in advance that your products will be preserved according to National norms and the EU standards.

The products in our rooms are controlled by leading technical experts and our engineers every day. Periodically, the products are subjected to starch, toughness and weight loss tests. According to modern data, heat, moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide rates are arranged. In this reason, we cannot make our apples listen to classical music, but we would like you to know that we protect them from hostilities better than anyone else. We use the latest technology in order to preserve them as fresh as they were on the branch. Our storages are unique in Turkey which have dynamic control atmosphere feature with the latest technology.

Our quality will add the extra quality to your products; SARAYLIM Cold Air Storages will be a brand in its area. We appreciate your preference on the quality and brand, and wish you nice and prosperous days.

Chairman of the Executive Board

Mustafa ILICA